CRISPR-U™ Gene Knockout Cell Line Strategy

CRAT Gene Knockout Strategy

CRISPR-U™ technology (CRISPR based), developed by Ubigene, is more efficient than general CRISPR/Cas9 technology in double-strand breaking and homologous recombination. With CRISPR-U™, Ubigene has successfully edited over 3000 genes on more than 100 types of cell lines.
To create a Human CRAT Knockout model in cell line by CRISPR-U™-mediated genome engineering.
Target gene info
Official symbol CRAT
Gene id 1384
Organism Homo sapiens
Official full symbol carnitine O-acetyltransferase
Gene type protein-coding
Also known as CAT, CAT1, NBIA8
Summary This gene encodes carnitine O-acetyltransferase, a member of the carnitine acyltransferase family and a key metabolic pathway enzyme which plays an important role in energy homeostasis and fat metabolism. This enzyme catalyzes the reversible transfer of acyl groups from an acyl-CoA thioester to carnitine and regulates the ratio of acyl-CoA/CoA. It is found in both the mitochondria and the peroxisome. Alternative splicing results in transcript variants encoding different isoforms that may localize to different subcellular compartments.
Genomic regions Chromosome 9
Strategy Summary
This gene has 8 protein coding transcripts:
Name Transcript ID bp Protein Biotype CCDS UniProt Match RefSeq Match Flags
CRAT-201 ENST00000318080.7 2768 626aa Protein coding CCDS6919 P43155-1 NM_000755.5 TSL:1, GENCODE basic, APPRIS P1, MANE Select v0.92,
CRAT-219 ENST00000681627.1 2623 602aa Protein coding - - - GENCODE basic,
CRAT-213 ENST00000680117.1 2618 590aa Protein coding - - - GENCODE basic,
CRAT-217 ENST00000681325.1 2529 551aa Protein coding - - - GENCODE basic,
CRAT-205 ENST00000455396.2 2524 586aa Protein coding - H0Y4Z7 - TSL:3, GENCODE basic,
CRAT-221 ENST00000681725.1 2107 572aa Protein coding - - - GENCODE basic,
CRAT-202 ENST00000393384.3 973 161aa Protein coding - A6PVN3 - TSL:2, GENCODE basic,
CRAT-206 ENST00000455830.2 595 98aa Protein coding - B7ZBP5 - CDS 3' incomplete, TSL:5,
CRAT-218 ENST00000681622.1 3089 40aa Nonsense mediated decay - - - -
CRAT-210 ENST00000679520.1 2848 40aa Nonsense mediated decay - - - -
CRAT-222 ENST00000681911.1 2831 40aa Nonsense mediated decay - - - -
CRAT-215 ENST00000681040.1 2767 40aa Nonsense mediated decay - - - -
CRAT-220 ENST00000681689.1 2562 40aa Nonsense mediated decay - - - -
CRAT-212 ENST00000680093.1 2539 212aa Nonsense mediated decay - - - -
CRAT-207 ENST00000458362.5 2253 40aa Nonsense mediated decay - F2Z2C5 - TSL:1,
CRAT-203 ENST00000415948.6 1029 40aa Nonsense mediated decay - H7C0E1 - TSL:5,
CRAT-204 ENST00000441796.1 831 40aa Nonsense mediated decay - F2Z2C5 - TSL:5,
CRAT-208 ENST00000464290.5 867 No protein Processed transcript - - - TSL:3,
CRAT-209 ENST00000467343.1 399 No protein Processed transcript - - - TSL:5,
CRAT-211 ENST00000679716.1 4466 No protein Retained intron - - - -
CRAT-214 ENST00000680523.1 4118 No protein Retained intron - - - -
CRAT-216 ENST00000681118.1 3938 No protein Retained intron - - - -
Ubigene Red Cotton Transcript
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Project Difficulty Level unknown
Target Gene CRAT
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Red Cotton™ Notes Gene CRAT had been KO in hek293t cell line.
Aforementioned information comes from Ubigene database. Different origin of cell lines may have different condition. Ubigene reserved all the right for final explanation.
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